Saturday, November 28th, 2015

Drug Addiction Help

College and Recovery: the Importance of Finding a Sober Peer Community

College is a time for growth and change, and it is a time when young adults face unique opportunities and challenges. However, those in addiction recovery face more challenges than some students, so sober peer communities are both assets and opportunities for growth and support. Peer support and a sense of community benefit anyone who is struggling to fit in with other people, make good choices or... [Read more]

Addiction and Mental Health Conditions: Does It Matter Which Came First?

When diagnosing and treating drug addiction, doctors and therapist must determine if there are any underlying mental illnesses that are contributing to or causing the problem. If a mental illness is discovered it is called a Dual Diagnosis. A Dual Diagnosis requires simultaneous treatment of both the mental illness and the drug addiction. When both conditions are treated at the same time, the likelihood... [Read more]

What Makes Some Painkillers More Effective Than Others?

When it comes to pain, one pill may seem no different than another, yet this is not the case. The American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) shares that, “Opioids don’t work on all types of pain, and they do not work equally well for all individuals.” Different medications come in different strengths, but milligram to milligram, why are some more effective than others? There are many reasons... [Read more]

Breaking Unhealthy Habits

Habits are part of life that people develop in response to everyday triggers. When we come across triggers, the brain automatically begins a behavior that rewards itself with dopamine, the pleasure-causing neurotransmitter. National Public Radio explains that “neuroscientists have traced our habit-making behaviors to a part of the brain called the basal ganglia, which also plays a key role in the... [Read more]

Can You Be Mentally Addicted to a Substance Without Physical Dependence?

As drugs like marijuana become legal, people are asking more and more about mental and psychological addiction. Many drugs seem not to cause physical addiction, as regular use of cocaine, LCD and other substances does not result in the shaking, shivering and flu-like symptoms associated with opiate or alcohol withdrawal. As a result, people are even more skeptical about psychological addiction than... [Read more]