Detecting Addiction Problems in Elderly Patients

The symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction can be difficult to notice in elderly patients. Lifestyle changes and emotional challenges can contribute to their susceptibility to chemical dependence and can make detection and treatment challenging to accomplish. Addiction Risks for the Elderly The following life changes place elderly patients at risk for addiction: Chronic pain … Read more

3 Ways to Make Your Sobriety Your Priority

Getting sober is great, but staying that way is even better. It takes hard work to get clean, but everyone can do so if they find the right help. With the right information and support, you can prioritize sobriety and maintain a rewarding life in recovery. Prioritize Sobriety by Being Sober By not drinking, you … Read more

Machine Operators and Addiction

The US Department of Labor has documented substance abuse and addiction among professions, and they found that machine operators have high rates of drug abuse. Machine operators are employed in manufacturing or production facilities wherein they operate machine tools and equipment These jobs are generally repetitive, requiring the same physical motions daily, which can cause … Read more