Hazards of Smoking and Drug Addiction

Smoking and using drugs is bad for our bodies. We hear the message in childhood, and the message that drugs are unhealthy has not changed.  If you are struggling with smoking and drug addiction, you may find some of the following facts interesting: Smoking may hold you back professionally. Imagine that you are an employer … Read more

Lorazepam Addiction Help

Lorazepam is a benzodiazepine drug, largely prescribed for anti-anxiety purposes or in order to facilitate regular sleep cycles. However, despite lorazepam’s reputation for safety when used as prescribed, many prescription and recreational drug users develop addictions to the pharmaceutical. Due to physical withdrawal symptoms, accumulation of the drug within the body as use continues, and … Read more

Drug Addiction Facts & Statistics

According to studies gathering drug addiction facts and statistics, America’s problem with drugs has only grown with time. The pervasiveness of drug addiction stems from several factors, including alterations in brain chemistry caused by prescription and street drugs alike, increasing availability of drugs and untreated emotional or psychological conditions that lead to drug experimentation. Drug … Read more

Drug Addiction

For the vast majority of people, drug addiction originates with recreational use, youthful experimentation or even a valid physician’s prescription. However, as drug use prolongs, emotional and physical changes begin to occur within the brain and body, quickly segueing to full-blown addiction. Once drug addiction has taken hold, it doesn’t discriminate, affecting individuals from every … Read more