ADHD Pill Use on College Campuses

ADHD Pill Use on College Campuses

Recently the media has focused on ADHD pill abuse on college campuses, and for good reason: while alcohol abuse and binge drinking are a great problem on college campuses, recreational prescription drug abuse is close behind. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that one in four college students admits to illegally abusing prescription drugs for non-medical purposes in the past year.

Furthermore, 2011 studies by the National Institute for Drug Abuse reveal that 35% of the student population from various colleges across the nation admits to prescription stimulant abuse in the past year. These percentages can be even higher considering that many students may have been dishonest, avoided the survey or faked symptoms to obtain stimulants for non-medical purposes. If a college student abuses an ADHD medication, she must seek immediate help to recover.

Effects of ADHD Pill Use

ADHD pill abuse on college campuses is rampant, and college students should care about this devastating issue for the following reasons:

  • ADHD pills have nasty side effects if someone without ADHD abuses them. Ritalin, Adderall and other ADHD pills are only meant for those with the disorder, but major issues of anxiety, depression and psychosis can develop in non-patients. In addition, bipolar or depressed people can aggravate their symptoms by abusing ADHD medications.
  • ADHD pills are addictive. Taking a stimulant on occasion can lead to a dependency, so at first people may only take drugs to study, but eventually they will use these drugs to relax and have fun.
  • ADHD pills are illegal without a prescription. Using another person’s prescription is illegal, and so is buying prescription drugs if you lack legitimate symptoms. Getting caught with a medication without a prescription could mean trouble with the law, an insurance provider, an employer and with the college itself.
  • ADHD pills are expensive. Health care workers and insurance providers have noticed a rise in false claims of ADHD symptoms, especially among college students wishing to obtain ADHD pills. It has become harder for college students to commit drug diversion schemes, so they must get pills elsewhere, paying almost $30 a pill.

Prescription drug abuse can cause serious problems, so seek professional help as soon as possible to prevent long-term problems.