Holistic Drug Addiction Help

Holistic Drug Treatment

Because the factors involved with drug addiction span the physical, mental and emotional realms, holistic drug addiction treatment aims to address all parts of being as part of a comprehensive treatment program. At its core, holistic drug addiction rehabilitation heavily emphasizes wellness and recovery by leveraging natural and spiritual means.

Using natural, medically supervised detoxification methods in conjunction with clinical counseling and trauma therapies,  physical addiction and psychological dependency are both addressed during inpatient stays. Treatment regimens are bolstered by alternative medicine treatments, nutritional assessments,  fitness routines and relaxation techniques such as guided meditation, visualization training and spiritual guidance.

Alternative Treatments Used in Holistic Drug Addiction

While traditional methods of addiction recovery are employed at the vast majority of holistic drug addiction programs, treatment may be augmented by alternative medicine methodologies. Acupressure or acupuncture may provide stress relief and drug-free options for pain management. Massage therapy or variants such as reiki may be used for both relaxation and alleviation of withdrawal symptoms.

Yoga, tai chi, qui gong and pilates instruction may also be made available to help provide spiritual centering and promote circulation, muscular strengthening and mobility. Osteopathic manipulative treatments, known as OMT, may also be employed to aid balance, muscle strengthening and joint movement.

Nutrition and Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment

Nutrition also has become a hallmark of holistic drug addiction treatment. Some drug treatment centers will offer nutritional assessment through diagnostic testing or dietary counseling by qualified nutritionists. Dietary supplements may be recommended and dispensed, largely to compensate for deficiencies in vitamins and minerals that often accompanies drug use and ensuing malnutrition.

Healthful meals are carefully planned by residential drug addiction programs and accommodation of specialized dietary needs is often available (catering to vegetarian, vegan, religious or medical diets). Patients may also take advantage of herbal remedies to enhance sleep, calm and memory function.

Spirituality and Meditation in Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment

Spiritual practices can also be integrated into holistic drug addiction programs. While patients at holistic treatment centers come from a variety of religious backgrounds, meditative practices, visualizations and deep breathing techniques can aid in relaxation and stress management. Spiritual and psychological counselors can often help individuals find meaning in their recovery process and integrate spiritual beliefs into the healing process, as well.