Failing College Because of Drug Abuse: Stop the Cycle Now

Failing College Because of Drug Abuse - Stop the Cycle Now

Drug addiction in college students is a serious problem for both university administration and for the students. College and drug abuse can seem like an ideal pair when you consider the added stress, worry, frustration, and fear of failure that can come from being in college. Drugs can often make a misguided college student feel like he can better cope or even forget about all of his burdens, for just a little while.

Unfortunately a brief time abusing drugs can often lead toward a major problem with substance abuse. Thankfully there is help! With an integrated rehab program that addresses both the substance abuse problems and any mental health issues that need to be addressed, rehab for college students can provide them with a fresh start that will enable them to graduate and go on to succeed in their chosen career.

Drug Rehabilitation Help for College Students

The numbers of students that accidently overdose in college are staggering; this makes universities take a very firm stance against drugs. With a keen awareness of the statistics as they relate to addiction in college students, most universities take proactive steps to distance drugs from their campuses.

Along with the proactive steps, they also offer support for rehab for college students. Whether they allow support groups to hold meetings on campus, or allow students leaves of absence to attend rehab, the support is there for students who are interested in embracing sobriety. Some select universities also offer counseling as another means of supporting substance abuse treatment for college students.

Along with on-campus support students should do their part to attend an integrated rehab facility that can help them address their substance abuse problems as well any other mental disorders that they may be struggling with.

How to Choose a Rehabilitation Program for College Students

For a student that is hesitant to leave university to attend an inpatient rehab facility there are several key reasons why it makes sense for them to do that versus attempting to go it alone or attending an outpatient treatment program.

An inpatient facility can offer focused treatment without the distractions that would otherwise be on the minds of college students. A completely neutral environment in which to tackle the addiction is invaluable. Rehab during summer break allows students to take the time to focus on their recovery and return to university with a clean slate for a brand new start. Spending time in a residential treatment facility will also allow students a discreet method of getting the treatment that they need.

An inpatient facility, especially an integrated facility that treats both mental disorders and drug addictions, can provide rehab for university students that will also equip them with coping tools and skills that they will needed when they return to university. A tailored treatment program that will address each individual’s unique situation is the best method of ensuring that the treatment and recovery period are successful.