Hazards of Smoking and Drug Addiction

Hazards of smoking and drug addiction

Smoking and using drugs is bad for our bodies. We hear the message in childhood, and the message that drugs are unhealthy has not changed.  If you are struggling with smoking and drug addiction, you may find some of the following facts interesting:

  • Smoking may hold you back professionally. Imagine that you are an employer and you have two qualified candidates interviewing for a position. The candidates are equal in every way, except one candidate is a smoker. Who would you hire? Employers are less likely to hire people who smoke because of potentially high health care costs, lost work time for smoke breaks and even subconscious personal reasons.
  • Smoking may hold you back socially. Non-smokers are most likely to date and befriend other non-smokers. The same applies for drug use as well. Are you limiting your social interactions and potential relationships because of an addiction?
  • If you quit smoking and using drugs, you will live longer and have less chance of heart attack, lung disease, and cancer.
  • If you quit smoking and using drugs, you will set an example for your loved ones and help them be healthier too.
  • If you quit smoking and using drugs, you will look and feel younger.
  • Nicotine is a drug. Many people who use stronger drugs also smoke. You may have begun smoking before you ever tried drugs. Unfortunately, if you smoke and use drugs, you may have become accustomed to doing these two things together. The best way to quit one habit is to quit both habits together.

You will have a much better quality of life and a much better chance of recovery if you recover from nicotine and other drug addiction at the same time.