Help for Social Phobia and Drug Abuse

Help for Social Phobia and Drug Abuse

Social phobia is a difficult mental illness to live with. It can make the idea of walking into a grocery store seem like an impossibility. Going to work, giving a presentation or spending time with your friends and family members becomes a huge challenge.

Many who struggle with this phobia turn to drugs or alcohol as a means of self-medicating the difficult symptoms of social phobia. This can lead to an individual struggling with both untreated social phobia and addiction. Getting treatment for both the phobia and addiction will go a long way to ensure long-term sobriety.

The Signs of Social Phobia

The following is a list of some of the signs of social phobia and anxiety:

  • Calling in sick to work on days when you know you have to give a big presentation or stand in front of a group
  • Struggling in college, because you fear being called upon by your professors
  • Avoiding meeting new people
  • Avoiding situations where you will be the center of attention
  • Not taking part in community or church plays and choirs
  • Avoiding going on dates with people you’ve never met before
  • Refusing to talk on the phone to strangers
  • Avoiding the use of public restrooms
  • Not making eye contact with strangers when you are out in public
  • Avoiding social gatherings and parties

Those who struggle with social phobia disorder may find temporary relief from their symptoms, when they take drugs or drink alcohol. However this is a short-term solution that will lead to greater long-term problems. Use will turn to abuse, resulting in an alcohol or stimulant addiction.

Getting Quality Help for Phobia and Drug Abuse

Recovery from both the phobia and addiction requires that both are treated as unique condition. When you enter a rehab program, you will undergo a Dual Diagnosis assessment to best understand the issues that are controlling your life. Therapy choices will help you learn healthier coping strategies for your phobias, and quality treatment that is customized to meet your recovery needs will help you regain control of your life.