Homesickness During Inpatient Rehab

Homesickness during Inpatient Rehab

Homesickness during inpatient rehab can tempt people to leave treatment before they are ready for the real world. However, leaving treatment early is a bad idea, and will rob patients of the many advantages that come from completing rehab.

Reasons for Homesickness during Rehab

People are creatures of habit, and stepping outside of the familiar can be uncomfortable and scary. However, venturing into unknown territory, learning new skills and forming new habits can be essential to growth, especially if old habits are unhealthy and destructive.

A person entering rehab to overcome addiction is venturing into the unknown in more ways than one. The patient will enter an unfamiliar environment where she will live for an extended period of time. The patient will have to stop taking a substance to which she is physically dependent and relies on psychologically. The patient will not engage in her normal routine and will not have contact with friends.

In this unfamiliar situation it is normal to feel homesick and to long for comforting, familiar routines. People often use drugs to escape reality, and a person faced with the unfamiliar and challenging environment of rehab wish to revert to comfortable and well-practiced methods of escape. He may envision how nice it would be just to be at home with his drug of choice.

Coping with Homesickness during Rehab

Giving in to homesickness and leaving rehab early will undo the progress patients have made in recovery. A patient who is just entering rehab may feel that she has not yet accomplished anything in recovery, but that is not true. Recognizing the problem and the need for treatment is the first step in recovery, and the decision to commit to treatment can be difficult to make. Once a patient enters treatment she has already come too far to turn back.

If you struggle with homesickness during rehab, tell your counselor. This professional can help you deal with all the issues related to addiction and recovery. Understanding the roots of the problem can help you cope with homesickness without giving in to the urge to relapse. Your counselor will also help you stay focused on the reasons you entered treatment, the goals you want to accomplish in therapy and the healthy, well-adjusted person you want to become.

Treatment for Addiction and Homesickness

Drug addiction is a dangerous condition that can destroy lives, tear apart families, ruin potential and maybe even rob you of your life. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and need inpatient rehab, don’t let fear of the unfamiliar stop you from getting the help you need. Treatment can help you overcome your addiction, regain control over your life and reach your potential.