How Sharing Your Painkiller Addiction Story Can Help You and Others

How Sharing Your Painkiller Addiction Story Can Help You and Others

Sharing your painkiller addiction story can be the inspiration someone needs to reach out for help. Painkiller addiction can happen to anyone, and with so many prescriptions written each year for pain relief, painkiller abuse is on the rise.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse the use of prescription drugs remains at an all time high in both older teenagers and adults. The use of prescription painkillers can quickly lead to addiction. Those who suffer from addiction or are recovering from addiction can gain strength and courage from telling their stories to others.

Sharing Addiction Stories with Family

Sharing your painkiller addiction stories with family members can help those you love understand what you are going through. It can also open the door to honest discussions about family addiction history as well as any family history of mental illness. In either case, knowing as much information as possible about your family history can also help your therapist or recovery team design an appropriate treatment plan for you.

Family members who hear your addiction stories may also be motivated to talk to their doctors about the possible need for medication changes to prevent addiction. Addiction can be hereditary, and sharing all you can about your struggles may help a loved one avoid going down the same path.

Sharing Addiction Stories with Friends

At some point during your struggle with painkiller addiction, your friends will begin to wonder what is happening to you. They may see your behavior changing or notice that you are not as available to get together. You know this is due to therapy, but they may think it is because you no longer care about them.

Getting the support of friends while you are going through recovery by sharing your addiction stories can provide you with some powerful support. It is also a great way to keep your friends from making the same mistakes. Sharing your painkiller addiction stories can also help you find out who your true friends are and help you identify those who are contributing to the problem. Talking to your therapist about how to share your stories with friends will help prepare you to give information in productive ways.

Sharing Addiction Stories with the Public

One way to give back to the community during and after rehab is by sharing your painkiller addiction stories with youth groups, school groups, and other organizations. Sharing your struggles and victories may give a young person the courage to talk to a counselor or parent or reach out for help in other ways. Sharing your stories helps you too as you see how far you have come in your efforts to stay clean from drug abuse.