How to Overcome Temptations to Use Drugs

How to overcome temptations to use drugs

If drugs have been a big part of your life for some time, it will be difficult to overcome the temptation to use. Every person who chooses recovery and wellness goes through some temptation to use again. You don’t have to battle temptation alone.

Seven Steps to Overcome Substance Use Temptations

The following are seven steps for avoiding or overcoming temptations to use drugs:

  • Stay away from tempting situations. If you know there will be a party or gathering where friends or acquaintances will be using drugs, stay away. Find another activity for that evening.
  • Remember the consequences of using. Forget that temporary feeling the drug may give you, and remember the much more painful and devastating effects of drug use. What are the risks of using? What would happen if you got caught? How would you be letting yourself and those you love down?
  • Learn more about drug addiction and the cycle of addiction. The more you know about why you feel a need to use, the better able you will be to avoid temptation.
  • Stay busy. The more time you have to think about using, the more likely you will be to relapse or return to using. Find something to do in the moments you feel tempted. Put your mind fully on the task at hand, no matter how tedious it may be.
  • Avoid people who use peer pressure to get you to use. Likewise, avoid people who stress you so much that you feel tempted to use. If this is not possible, speak with an addictions counselor about dealing with the difficult people in your life.
  • Get healthy. Eat right and exercise. The better you feel the more you will want to maintain the good feelings of being healthy.
  • Seek help to get and stay on the right track. Drug addiction is a powerful force that will take over your life without proper treatment. With rehab care and counseling, you can treat the underlying causes of drug use and protect yourself against relapse. You can gain support and supportive friends and counselors to help keep you happier and free from drug use.

When you call our private toll-free helpline you will speak with an experienced recovery professional who will take time to learn more about you and your unique situation and struggles.