I’m Sober but My Spouse Uses Drugs

I'm Sober but My Spouse Uses Drugs

When considering what to do about your spouse’s addiction, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you know if your spouse needs rehab? This question is one that only you can truly answer. As the person who lives with and knows your spouse better than anyone else, you are in a unique position to understand her situation. Having been through rehab yourself you are no doubt aware of how a drug addiction and mental health rehab facility can help you to earn your life back.
  • Are the behaviors and drug addiction symptoms of your spouse affecting your life? If your own sobriety is at risk due to your spouse’s addiction, then this is a major problem. You love your drug addicted spouse; however, your need to stay clean and sobriety has to come first. Otherwise you will be endangering your life and undoing all of the positive work that you have fought for.
  • Has your relationship, and the future of your marriage, been put in jeopardy? The emotional ups and downs of a drug addicted spouse could be wreaking havoc on your relationship. With you now being sober, you will be able to see how your drug addicted husband is affecting your relationship. Even the strongest of marriages might not be able to handle the stress of dealing with an addicted spouse. When it comes to drug addiction, you may find yourself often being the only person in the relationship.
  • Is the stability of your entire household, and of your children, at risk of collapsing? Thinking about the addiction symptoms that your spouse is displaying, you will be able to see how those behaviors could be affecting your children and even your spouse’s ability to hold down a steady job. Without that income how will your family cope?

How to Treat Addiction

Just like your spouse will need a network of friends and family to provide love and support, your spouse also needs a network of medical professionals who can help your spouse through treatment.

One of the best treatment options is a plan that integrates drug addiction and mental health. These facilities offer a team of counselors, doctors, and other caregivers who will be able to help treat all aspects of your spouse’s mental and substance abuse conditions.

Treating the whole person is the most effective way to ensure that treatment and recovery are successful. A facility that offers integrated treatment programs will also encourage family counseling and family weekends as a way to not just help with healing old and still raw wounds, but also as a way to help families to reconnect and reestablish those solid family bonds.