Learning to Use Addiction Recovery Skills

Learning to Use Addiction Recovery Skills

One of the most important aspects of addiction recovery is learning the skills to maintain sobriety while you cope with the stressors that led to your addiction. The skills you learn in rehab allow you to move past your addiction toward a bright future filled with opportunity.

Addiction Recovery Skills Found during Rehabilitation

You will learn a variety of recovery skills in treatment, and many of them will be specific to your personal needs. Some of the most basic skills include the following examples:

  • Practicing honesty – Living as a drug addict is bound to make you become dishonest with others. You may become accustomed to hiding your addiction, lying to obtain more drugs or even stealing from others. By working on being honest both with yourself and others can shed the deception you used. You can begin anew with helpful relationships that run on honest communication.
  • Learning relaxation – A common cause of addiction is not knowing how and when to relax. If you have difficulty winding down, treatment will teach you to manage your anxiety so you can change this problem. Practicing breathing exercises, yoga or other physical activity can incorporate healthy relaxation into your everyday life.
  • Avoiding temptation – After treatment, you must dodge temptation to avoid relapse. During your stay, you will revisit what problems trigger your addiction while you identify the people and places that make you want to use. When you leave rehab, you can apply these skills by avoiding anything that encourages you to use.
  • Accepting therapy – You will engage in a great deal of therapy during treatment, and while doing so you will strengthen your overall development. Therefore, you can continue your therapy after treatment to develop new skills for your sobriety.
  • Revamping your communication – Addiction damages many relationships, so while in treatment you must work with others to practice effective communication. When you apply this skill to your personal life, you can help your loved ones rekindle any burnt out relationships.

Addiction recovery skills lay the groundwork for your success outside of the facility, thus encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

How to Get Help for Addiction

If your addiction damages your life and the lives of others, then seeking treatment can be an excellent way to overcome your obstacles. In treatment, you will get the opportunity to obtain these skills and others, which will improve your life.