Signs of Drug Addiction Denial

Signs of Drug Addiction Denial

Knowing signs of drug addiction can help you recognize addiction in yourself or a loved one. A person might start taking drugs casually, because of peer pressure or to self-medicate stress, depression or another mental health issue.

Whatever the reasons might be, taking drugs becomes an unstoppable habit or a desperate need for the drug user. This unstoppable habit becomes dangerous when the drug user loses self-control. Denial is a key part of drug addiction. It can be hard to admit having a drug problem and seeking treatment can be intimidating and overwhelming.

Signs of Drug Addiction

If you believe you or a loved one may be in denial about an addiction problem, consider the following signs of addiction:

  • Daily or even weekly use of drugs
  • Stating that you will quit using but never do
  • Maintaining and buying a supply of drugs even if you can’t afford it
  • Stealing, borrowing money or doing things you never did before to obtain drugs
  • Feeling that you can’t deal with anything in your life without drugs
  • Getting involved in dangerous and risky activities under the influence of drugs

Signs of Addiction Denial in a Loved One

The followings signs indicate a loved one is in denial of addiction:

  • Your loved one has stopped interacting with friends and family
  • Your loved one has changed personality wise
  • Your loved one is always jumping from one emotion to another
  • Your loved one has started spending a lot money
  • Your loved one is hanging out with a different group of friends or acquaintances
  • Your loved one is secretive about his or her whereabouts
  • Your loved one is defensive or hostile about drug or alcohol use

The reality of drug addiction is different from the real things happening in life. Often, addicted people do not notice their addiction problems. If a person admits that that she has become addicted to a drug then that person should seek help as soon as possible. Accepting the fact that you have a drug addiction problem is the first and most important step. The next step is to seek drug addiction help.

When to Hire an Interventionist to Help End Drug Addiction Denial

If a loved one is completely in denial, you may consider hiring an interventionist. The problem in intervening without the help of a professional is that in most cases the drug user does not think that anything is wrong. He really believes he doesn’t have a problem with drugs and will never accept what his families or friends are saying. This is when family or close friends should take steps to hire an interventionist. An interventionist has the experience and knowledge to convince the drug user that he has a drug abuse problem.

Find Drug Addiction Help Now

Please call us now and speak with an experienced recovery counselor who can help you find the following services:

  • Family counseling resources
  • Drug and alcohol rehab programs
  • Intervention services
  • Phone support for addiction
  • Insurance coverage for addiction