The Most Cost Effective Way to Recover from Addiction

The Most Cost Effective Way to Recover from Addiction

You have an addiction problem in your life—you know it has become serious enough to seek treatment. Whether you are experiencing a problem with addiction, or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or a behavior addiction, you want to find the best treatment possible.

Quality rehab treatment does cost money. There are benefits to finding the best treatment money can buy, but in this economy, we can’t all afford luxury rehab. But before you give up on finding quality inpatient detox and treatment, take a moment to explore all of your options to get quality treatment that also fits your budget.

Do I Need Drug Detoxification and Addiction Rehabilitation?

It’s true that not every addition calls for a full drug detox and rehab program. However, you may not be aware of just how much a detox and rehab program can help. Not only that, but there are different types of rehab—and many people are not aware that they have so many choices related to their own recovery.

Detox can help you in many ways. If you are actively using drugs or alcohol, detox will help you clear your body and mind so that you can concentrate on wellness. Detox is a great place to begin a lifetime of wellness. Inpatient rehab may cost more than simple counseling sessions, but when you examine the cost-effectiveness of a quality rehab program, you may find that rehab is much more affordable than counseling alone for an extended amount of time. Specialty rehab programs are designed to meet your needs as an individual, and to help you recover fully and leave treatment with a support network in place.

The Costs of Untreated Addiction

Take a moment to examine the following costs of your addiction:

  • What has your addiction cost in money, including work time lost and the cost of maintaining your addiction?
  • What has addiction cost you in terms of your health?
  • What has addiction cost you in terms of your family, relationships and loved ones?
  • How much will your addiction cost you over the next five years if it continues?

Paying for Addiction Rehabilitation
You may have seen commercials for luxury rehab on television. You may have even seen price quotes for rehab that overwhelmed you. It may seem like every avenue you seek looks more complicated than the last. However it is possible to have a cost-effective recovery. Rehab can be affordable. Consider the following payment alternatives:

  • Our insurance specialists will work with your insurance provider to arrange coverage for treatment. When you need addiction treatment, you don’t want to have to negotiate insurance coverage. Let us help. We are a fully licensed company that complies with HIPPA privacy laws.
  • If you do not have health insurance, you may be eligible for payment plans or special treatment rates. The only way to find out about these plans and rates is to ask every possible treatment program. Or, you can have us help you. We partner with a number of top treatment programs in the United States and Canada to help you select not only the best treatment available, but also know up-front about costs and payment plans so that you can make an informed decision.