What Are Cathinone Compounds?

What Are Cathinone Compounds?

Many people refer to cathinone compounds as natural drugs because they develop inside the leaves of the Catha edulis plant. This compound can produce dangerous side effects similar to those of amphetamines, including stimulating the central nervous system and mood swings.

Cathinone is the active ingredient in bath salts, a highly risky drug that can kill users. Currently, bath salt abuse is popular teens and young adults, but professional rehab options can help people get well.

Details of Cathinone Compounds

Cathinone compounds are classified as monoamine alkaloids, which means they release dopamine in the brain to create a sense of euphoria. Some of the most important things to know about cathinone compounds include the following information:

  • Legality – Cathinone compounds are legal in the United States, so many people can abuse these dangerous drugs, especially as the popularity of drugs like bath salts continue to rise.
  • Dangers of use – There is a high level of danger associated with using this drug, as bath salts contain a variety of amphetamines. This makes it impossible for a user to know what she is taking, which risks her health every time she uses. Products with cathinone compounds are often manufactured in China or India and shipped to the United States, which heightens the risk of a dangerous drug abuse, because there is no way to guarantee what is in the drug or how it was handled during shipment.
  • Side effects – Cathinone can cause side effects that lead to serious health conditions. The most common side effects associated with cathinone compounds include insomnia, dizziness, loss of appetite, irritability, hallucinations, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, paranoia, depression and seizures.

Because cathinone is still legal in the United States, many people use it with other synthetic drugs. This means they risk the associated dangers and side effects of two substances, which can create considerable problems that may be irreversible.

How to Get Help for Cathinone Addiction

Cathinone is psychologically addictive, because it produces such strong effects that fill users with happiness. While this drug is still somewhat uncommon, the effects it produces are similar to other drugs, so treatment professionals can treat these addicts the same way they do others.

Through intensive psychotherapy, addicts can work on their treatment as opposed to getting high from cathinone compounds and the drugs they are linked to. You can recover if you seek professional help from a rehab center.