What Are Psychedelic Amphetamines?

What Are Psychedelic Amphetamines?

There seems to be no end to the number of drugs that people abuse, but you can you can understand the risks associated with drug abuse if you learn which drugs people abuse. One such drug is synthetic amphetamines, which are as dangerous as other amphetamines. A number of dangers are associated with psychedelic amphetamine abuse, including life-threatening overdose, so seek help if you abuse these drugs.

List of Psychedelic Amphetamines

A number of chemical compounds classify as psychedelic amphetamines. These drugs have several common street names, including the following:

  • MDMA, also often referred to as ecstasy
  • DOM, also often referred to as STP (serenity, tranquility and peace), or dimethoxymethylamphetamine
  • TMA, also often referred to as trimethoxyamphetamines
  • DOx, which is  the acronym for one class of psychedelic amphetamines

Many other substances are psychedelic amphetamines, but people create more every day. For instance, there are a great many DOx chemicals, but the average drug user typically encounters just a handful of them.

Furthermore, the drugs come in a number of forms, including liquid, powder or soaked into blotter paper like LSD. They are almost always taken orally. Lastly, psychedelic amphetamines are quite similar to LSD, and they are often sold as substituted for the more exoteric substance. However, this substitution has proven to be life-threatening for some.

Dangers of Psychedelic Amphetamine Abuse

Psychedelic amphetamine abuse can cause a number of dangers. Some people think that these drugs are somewhat safer to take than other street drugs because they are manufactured with a higher level of purity. However, the dangers of synthetic amphetamines can actually exceed the dangers of other illegal drugs, particularly if there is a risk for amphetamine addiction or overdose.

Synthetic amphetamines produce a number of side effects, including the following:

  • An altered state of consciousness, which could include audio and visual hallucinations
  • A sense of euphoria
  • Extreme sweating and dehydration
  • Intense fear, paranoia and anxiety
  • Increased sensitivity to one’s senses
  • Insomnia – some have reported staying awake for several days in a row
  • Heart disturbances and death

Taking synthetic amphetamines can produces a high much like LSD, but these drugs provide a longer experience for the user. The dosage of the drug will affect the effects, but many people overdose one these substances, because psychedelic amphetamines can be much more potent than LSD.

Psychedelic amphetamines can take up to three hours to take full effect, so some people may take extra doses while waiting to get high because they believe that they didn’t take enough the first time. This is how overdose can occur; particularly if the user is addicted and wants the quickest results possible.