Why Are Some Drugs Illegal?

Why Are Some Drugs Illegal?

There are many drugs that are constantly in production and for sale. These drugs include both legal and illegal drugs. For some people, it is difficult to understand why some drugs are legal and others are not.

Some might think that if people aren’t bothering anyone, why can’t they use whatever they want? However, the truth of the matter is that laws prevent the general public from legally using a variety of drugs for a number of different reasons.

The most common illegal drugs include cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, amphetamines, steroids, PCP, and marijuana (in some states). It is also illegal to obtain and use prescription drugs if a doctor or physician does not prescribe them. Some of the many reasons why drugs such as these are illegal include the following:

  • They cause harm. Illegal drugs such as those listed above have been proven to cause physical and psychological harm; therefore, many laws have been put in place to prevent the misuse of them. This has been done as a form of public service, as those who make the laws are looking to protect the general public.
  • They cause bad behavior. It is no secret that the use of illegal drugs leads to criminal behavior, as well as reckless and dangerous behavior. Therefore, drugs that have proven to create an increase in criminal activity and negative behaviors have been made illegal to help curb these issues.
  • They cause death. The addictive use of illegal drugs can cause death, especially if the drugs are abused for a long period of time. Similar to using jail as a mechanism to prevent criminal activity, laws are utilized to help prevent individuals from experimenting with drugs and dying as a result of addiction.

Many drugs are made illegal for a number of reasons, including the fact that they can cause harm, death, and an increase in criminal and negative behaviors.

Why Are Some Drugs Legal?

Some drugs are legal for a variety of different reasons. For example, while alcohol is not a drug, it is a substance that is often closely linked with drugs. Despite attempts to try to make it illegal in the 1920s, alcohol is still legal primarily because it can be safe in small doses and has become a part of our social fiber.

In addition, many people can regulate their alcohol use and do so in a healthy manner. Also, some states have now made marijuana legal (or decriminalized) because the medical benefits outweigh the dangers. This is typically a common reason why some drugs are made legal while others are illegal.