Why Are Some Drugs Illegal?

There are many drugs that are constantly in production and for sale. These drugs include both legal and illegal drugs. For some people, it is difficult to understand why some drugs are legal and others are not. Some might think that if people aren’t bothering anyone, why can’t they use whatever they want? However, the … Read more

What Is Robo-Tripping and Why Is it Dangerous?

A new trend in drug abuse is arising among children and adolescents, and it does not require illegal drugs. The new drug of choice, dextromethorphan (DXM), is found in many over-the-counter drugs because it is safe at the recommended dose, but it is dangerous when abused. Abusing DXM is called robo-tripping in reference to Robitussin, … Read more

Learning to Use Addiction Recovery Skills

One of the most important aspects of addiction recovery is learning the skills to maintain sobriety while you cope with the stressors that led to your addiction. The skills you learn in rehab allow you to move past your addiction toward a bright future filled with opportunity. Addiction Recovery Skills Found during Rehabilitation You will … Read more

Is Smoking Nutmeg Dangerous?

As strange as it may sound, smoking nutmeg to get high has become a trend among recreational drug abusers. Nutmeg is a spice that has been used in the kitchen for years, but recent videos and blogs on the internet have showcased the drug’s mind-altering potential when the spice is smoked. Nutmeg has become a … Read more

What Are Psychedelic Amphetamines?

There seems to be no end to the number of drugs that people abuse, but you can you can understand the risks associated with drug abuse if you learn which drugs people abuse. One such drug is synthetic amphetamines, which are as dangerous as other amphetamines. A number of dangers are associated with psychedelic amphetamine … Read more