Can I Use the Internet during Inpatient Rehab?

One of the most frequently asked questions about inpatient rehab is whether patients can use internet and other communication devices during treatment. All treatment facilities have their own rules and regulations when it comes to what’s allowed or tolerated during inpatient treatment, but most inpatient rehab facilities do not allow personal internet use. Other personal … Read more

How to Help a Drug Addicted Friend

When a friend, roommate or significant other is struggling with a drug addiction, you may feel trapped in the cycle of drug abuse and emotional pain. While you cannot control your friend’s actions, you can help end addiction. We can support you and give you quality information on how to help your friend. Our Helpline … Read more

Benefits of Exercise during Addiction Recovery

There are many well-known physical and emotional benefits associated with exercise: Improved strength Reduced pain Improved immunity to sickness Weight loss Improved health of the heart and other organs Improved self-esteem and confidence Increased energy Improved mental clarity and focus The list goes on and on. What many recovering addicts don’t realize is that the … Read more

How Do Mutual Help Groups Work?

A large part of any successful addiction recovery is receiving addiction recovery support from others who have experienced similar situations to what you are currently going through. Finding support groups that make you feel comfortable can provide you with long-term support as you face the stressors and triggers that may have otherwise led to a … Read more